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2004, December 1.  Year of the Rooster  (2005 Chinese New Year)

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.,  Perf. 14.

Singles, Miniature Sheets of 10 & 20;  Souvenir Sheets of 4




    6p  Stylized Head of a Rooster,  Singles  (70,000)

  17p  Stylized Rooster,  Singles  (70,000)



Miniature Sheets of 20  (1,000 - each value)

Miniature Sheets of 10  (5,000 - each value)


Souvenir Sheets of 4   (12,500)

   6p x 2  Stylized Head of a Tiger 
 17p x 2  Stylized Tiger    


Layout Artists:  Alfonso V. Divina

Designer:  Jesus Alfredo D. Delos Santos


First Day Covers:  Manila



Year of the Rooster - 2005 Chinese New Year

In the West, when someone asks about your star-sign, he is really asking which month you were born in. The Chinese, however, like to know what year you were born in.  The 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac are used to name the different years in one Great Year of 12 ordinary years. So, according to your particular year of birth, you may be rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, Rooster, dog or pig.

Legend says that the Buddha summoned all the animals, and that these 12 were the only ones which answered. It is more likely, however; that these animal names were carefully chosen by ancient astrologers because they seemed to be the best ones to represent the characteristics of people born in those years, and also indicated what the events of coming years might be like.

The person born in the Year of the Rooster has great self-pride both in possessions and achievements, seeking recognition and acclaim, relentlessly pursuing whatever end is thought will achieve this. Abrasive and sometimes bordering on the aggressive, he frequently alienates people who interpret frankness as rudeness, and style as vanity since shrewd business sense does not prevent him from making extravagant gestures when the timing is seen as appropriate. 




  • Chinese New Year

  • Animals


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