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2005, December 9.  Philippine Butterflies

Litho Offset.  APO Production Unit, Inc.,  Perf. 14 1/4

Se-tenant Blocks of 4, Sheets of 100 (10 x 10)



Se-tenant Blocks of Four   (447,500)*

  17p   Idea electra electra

  17p   Charaxes bajula adoracion

  17p   Tanaecia calliphorus

  17p   Trogonoptera trojana

* Original quantity: 437,500 B/4 plus renegotiated quantity of 10,000, total of 447,500.


Photographer:  Catherine Grace Tan

Graphic Artist:  Hans Lerwyn Villarica

Design Coordinator:  Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak

Designs:  From the collection of Justin "Tiny" Nuyda


First Day Covers:  Manila



A veritable paradise for butterfly collectors and nature-lovers, the PHILIPPINES is home to all the families of Rhopalocera (butterfly) in the Indo- Australian region. Be one a collector, a nature-lover, a scientist in pursuit of his calling or a captive adventurer driven by the spirit of chase, one will encounter, to his satisfaction and delight, the numerous species found throughout the archipelago.

The epitome of aerial freedom, able to move through our natural world in three dimensions, and mysterious in their fantastic transformations from one stage of their life cycle to the next, butterflies are truly creatures of wonder. Dig into their world, explore their fascinating adaptations and natural history, and see what attracts people from all walks of life to these winged jewels.

Idea electra electra (Semper, 1878).  A unique species confined to Mindanao. Popularly known as the "Dragonfly Idea" due to the appearance of the males' elongated forewings and extra long abdomen.

Charaxes bajula adoracion (Schroeder & Treadaway, 1982).  Uncommon nymphalid species found in Northern and Central Luzon. The butterfly was named after writer Adoracion Gaskell Nuyda for her contributions on pro-environment articles.

Tanaecia calliphorus calliphorus (Felde, 1864).  Inhabits forested undergrowth areas and can be found in Luzon, Marinduque and Polilio Island. Can easily be recognized by the iridiscent blue band on its wings.

Trogonoptera trojana (Honrath, 1886).  This butterfly is an endemic species in Palawan, where it replaces Trogonoptera brookiana in the rest of Sundaland. Trogonoptera trojana is considered one of the most beautiful oriental butterflies.




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