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2005, November 27.  23rd Southeast Asian Games (Part 2)

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf. 14.

Se-tenant Blocks of 20, Miniature Sheets of 10 + 10 Labels




60p Miniature Sheets of 10 + 10 Flag labels (Horizontal)   (3,500)

60p Miniature Sheets of 10 + 10 Blank labels (Horizontal)  (3,000)


    6p  Athletics

    6p  Football

    6p  Taekwondo

    6p  Judo

    6p  Chess

    6p  Billiards

    6p  Karate

    6p  Gymnastics

    6p  Pencaksilat

    6p  Dragonboat Race

    6p  Swimming


60p Miniature Sheets of 10 + 10 Flag labels (Vertical)   (3,500)

60p Miniature Sheets of 10 + 10 Blank labels (Vertical)   (3,000)


    6p  Baseball

    6p  Wushu

    6p  Shooting

    6p  Boxing

    6p  Archery

    6p  Cycling

    6p  Bowling

    6p  Billiards

    6p  Volleyball

    6p  Badminton


Note:  The 3,000 sets of miniature sheets with blank labels were sold to Pinoy Stamps, Inc., for personalization using photos of customers.



Graphic Artist:  Richard Allen Baron

Layout Artists:  Alfonso V. Divina, Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak

Design Coordinators:  Atty. Jayceebelle V. Balite,  Connie Almario

Designer:  Campaigns & Grey

Design:  Seagames mascot "Gilas" (Philippine eagle) featured as an athlete.


First Day Covers:  Manila



These first-ever personalized sheets were printed when Philpost agreed to let Pinoy Stamps, Inc. offer personalized stamp sheets during the 23rd SEAGAMES.

The 3,000 sets of two sheets with blank labels were sold to Pinoy Stamps, Inc. at P90 plus 10% value-added-tax (VAT). The higher price was partly due to the need to print the sheets on specially-cut A-4 sized security paper in order to allow their machines to print images on the blank labels.

Pinoy Stamps, Inc. sells the personalized sheets by printing photos, either from on site shooting during the duration of the games, or from submitted photos. The processing and sale of these personalized sheets are allowed until all stocks are sold out. The personalized sheets are placed inside a plastic-covered cardboard with sleeve that has "I was at the Games" and the SEAGAMES logo printed.  These were sold at P350 per package.

To allow collectors who want to include these sheets that contain many new stamps but do not want personalized labels in their collections, "generic" sheets with officially printed labels are also offered by the Philatelic Service. On each sheet, a single Philippine flag is printed on the left column. On the right, each of the 5 labels features the flags of 2 participating countries (in alphabetical order).

The generic sheets and the sheets for personalization are identical except for the text on the bottom margins of the sheets. The generic sheets have "Philpost" and its logo at the middle of each sheet. The sheets for personalization have the additional text "Philippine Personalized Stamps Inaugural Issue" and below are "Pinoy Stamps, Inc." and "PHILPOST" with its logo on the right.

The two generic sheets will be available starting November 27, 2005 at the Philatelic Service, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, 1000 Manila. Those interested in having personalized sheets should contact Ms. Rodylyn Tingzon-Manzano at Pinoy Stamps, Inc. at 237 Niugan, Cabuyao, Laguna with telefax 5208912 or email at




  • Sports

  • Baseball

  • Cycling

  • Bowling

  • Boxing

  • Chess

  • Soccer / Football

  • Swimming

  • Archery

  • Birds


Articles by Dr. Ngo TiongTak


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