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2009, August 27.  Philippine Birds - Definitives (Reprints 2009B)

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf. 13.5

Singles, Sheets of 50  (10 x 5) 





    50p   Grey-headed Fish Eagle Singles  (70,000)      

 100p   Philippine Hawk Eagle - Singles  (70,000)



Design:  All pictures taken from the book "A Guide to the Birds of the Philippines" by Robert S. Kennedy, Pedro C. Gonzales, Edward C. Dickinson, Hector C. Miranda, Jr., and Timothy H. Fisher.


First Day Covers:  Manila



50p Grey-headed Fish Eagle (Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus).  Breeds in Southern Asia from India and Sri Lanka to south east Asia and the Philippines. It is a forest bird which builds a stick nest in a tree near water and lays two to four eggs.  It is a largish stocky raptor at about 70-75cm in length. Adults have dark brown wings and back, a grey head and reddish brown breast. The lower belly, thighs and tail are white, the latter having a black terminal band.  Sexes are similar, but young birds have a pale buff head, underparts and underwing, all with darker streaking.  Grey-headed Fish Eagle, as its English and scientific names suggest, is a specialist fish eater which hunts over lakes, lagoons and large rivers.   (

100p Philippine Hawk Eagle.  While only a medium-sized hawk-eagle, this inhabitant of the Philippines has a striking appearance due to its long crest of four or five feathers, up to seven centimetres long, protruding from its crown. The plumage on the upperparts is dark brown, and the dark brown tail is striped with four to five darker, narrow bands. The head and underparts are reddish-brown with black streaking, and the throat is whitish. The wings are broad and rounded and barred flight feathers can be seen in flight.   (





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