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2009, December 7.  Return of Olongapo to the Philippines by the U.S. Navy

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf. 14.

Se-tenant Pairs, Sheets of 40 (4 x 10)




Se-tenant Pairs  (50,000)


   7p  Turn Over Ceremony with Official Seals of the Philippines and USA
   7p  Parade of Philippine and American Flags with Official Seals of the Philippines and USA


First Day Covers:  Manila; Olongapo City




Unlike the rest of the Philippines which gained independence from the United States after World War II in 1946, Olongapo was governed as a part of the United States naval reservation. After lobbying efforts of James Leonard T. Gordon, the area was relinquished to the Philippine government and converted into a municipality on December 7, 1959. Six years later under Mayor James Leonard T. Gordon, Olongapo was reconverted to a chartered city on June 1, 1966.  Olongapo City administers itself autonomously from Zambales province. Adjacent to the city is the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, which until 1992 was a United States naval base. Like his father before him, Mayor Richard Gordon lobbied for the turnover of the facility and its conversion into a freeport after the Senate of the Philippines rejected an extension of a treaty with the United States government. The city is known for its innovative methods of urban management in the 1980s in addressing crime and cleanliness that has been copied by local governments nationwide. These include the public utility color-code, traffic management system, waste management system earning Olongapo City national and international award such as the UNESCO Cities for Peace representing Asia and the Pacific in 1997 and the Konrad Adenauer Local Medal of Excellence in 1999. Furthermore, the Asian Development Bank and World Bank have also recognized its successful urban redevelopment and city development strategy after the US Base turnover.   (



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