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2010, January 25.  Valentine's Day

Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf. 14.

Se-tenant pairs, Sheets of 40  (4 x 10)

Se-tenant Pairs  (35,000)


   7p   Cupid and Hearts 

   7p   Shower the World With Love


Designers:   Corazon T. Loza, Evangeline V. Flores


First Day Covers:  Manila



Valentine’s Day in the Philippines is synonymous with red roses (usually sold at a higher price than the usual), red shirts (for those who are looking for partners), crowded movie houses and restaurants, and of course, public plazas turned into lovers lane.

Filipinos have always been known as romantic people. And it is mirrored during this special day of the Hearts. Flower shops will be raided by men who will buy roses, tulips, and other types of floras even at a price that is higher than the normal.

The most wonderful part of Valentine’s Day in the Philippines is the fact that whether or not there is economic crisis in the country, Filipinos always take time to hand out red roses or sweet stuff to the people they care so much, it could be their loved ones, office mates, friends, or even those who have hurt their feelings.

That’s uniquely Filipino style.




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