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2014, April 4.  Central Luzon State University

Litho Offset, Amstar Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Se-tenant Pairs, Sheets of 40




Se-tenant Pairs    (50,000)


10p  Science and Technology Centrum inauguration & Anniversary Logo

10p  Jose Rizal (National Hero) & Anniversary Logo


Layout Artist:  Victorino Z. Serevo
Design Coordinator:  Adorable P. Pineda
Stamp and Cover:  Regidor G. Gaboy
Design and Layout:  Regidor G. Gaboy
Logo Illustrator:  Zoilo A. Cunanan
Photographer:  Gerardo J. Gantioque

Stamp Design 1: The Science and Technology Centrum inauguration in 2014 and the Anniversary Logo.
Stamp Design 2: The Rizal in Barong Monument. Perhaps the world’s first monument of Jose Rizal wearing the barong tagalong, and the Anniversary Logo which depicts the bountiful harvest and products of the institution while manifesting its relentless efforts to address national and international concerns.


First Day Covers:  Manila & Nueva Ecija



Phlpost Official FDC envelope



Privately Issued Manila & Nueva Ecija Envelopes




Golden Years…. Shaping Lives” is more than a theme as CLSU celebrates its glorious 50 years as a university – it is a statement…. And a testimony. The Central Luzon State University has grown from its roots as a pioneering agricultural school into a dynamic, vibrant, relevant, comprehensive, and diverse university that is committed to the future of its students, the Filipino people, and the evolving needs of the world.

CLSU an institution of higher learning has valiantly adapted to the changing social, economic, cultural, political, and education milieu that is prevalent today. Through the years, its four-pronged program is instrumental in the university’s quest to sustain excellence in learning, as a crucial source of knowledge and technologies, and a proactive partner for progress. Further, the university endeavoured to support the broadest intellectual and development needs of its students, addressed the problems which confront the various groups of people that it serves, ensured an optimal and favourable enabling environment for its operation, and demonstrated its core expertise and values in attaining them.

This celebration is a tribute to CLSU’s distinguished heritage and storied past. This is an occasion for the university to look forward with confidence to its future that is filled with innovation and inspiration while living up to its tradition of quality and excellence that deepens the collective efforts of its faculty, staff, alumni, partners, and its students, to meaningfully contribute to nation building.

With its numerous outstanding accomplishments and many notable successes, and with unity, focus, and resolve as the bedrock upon which its aspirations are founded, a bright future for CLSU is ensured.




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