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2014, November 10.  National Stamp Collecting Month - 160th Anniversary, First Philippine Postage Stamps, Queen Isabella II

Litho Offset, Amstar Company, Inc.,  Perf 13 1/2 x 13 3/4

(Jumbo-sized 50mm x 35 mm) Se-tenant Blocks of Four, Miniature Sheets of 16, Souvenir Sheets of 4



Se-tenant Blocks of Four    (30,000)

10p  Queen Isabella II, 5c and 10c (purple background)

10p  Queen Isabella II, 5c and 10c (green background)

10p  Queen Isabella II, 5c and 10c (pink background)

10p  Queen Isabella II, 5c and 10c (yellow background)


Miniature Sheets of 16    (7,500) 


80p Souvenir Sheets of Four  (5,000)


Designer:  Victorino Z. Serevo


Design:  5 cuartos and 10 cuartos of the 1854 Queen Isabella II issues, all eight stamps are jumbo size, and the large design on each of the four  stamps in the souvenir sheet has sand varnish.

First Day Covers:  Manila



Phlpost Official FDC envelopes





   Privately Issued FDCs



Commemoration of 160th Anniversary of Philippines First Postage Stamps, Queen Isabella II

The Philippines was the first country in Asia to issue postage stamps. The First set of 4 stamps was issued of February 1, 1854. It resulted from a Royal Decree of Queen Isabel II, issued in Madrid Spain dated January 12, 1853 and acted upon in Manila by Captain General Antonio Orbiztondo on December 7, 1853. The Decree instructed the captain general to print and put on sale stamps for use within the Philippines. The design copied that which were issued in Spain in 1853. showing the bust of Queen Isabela II, with changes made in the year reading (1854 y 1855) and the currency value ( 20 cuartos equals 1 real deplata) the stamps for interior use only. They were engraved and printed in Manila and were issued imperforate.





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