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2017, February 13.  Cosmos Lodge NO. 8 Free & Accepted Masons - Centennial

Litho Offset, Amstar Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Singles,  Sheets of  40



12p  Cosmos & Centennial Logos - Singles  (101,000) 


Designer:  Rodine C. Teodoro



First Day Covers:  Manila


Official Phlpost FDC

Limited Edition of 6 FDCs






BEHIND the exclusivity of a brotherhood, bound by tradition and an iconic emblem, are men who dedicate their time and talents into becoming “better men.” The masons from the Cosmos Lodge No. 8 have been practicing tradition that dates back to 1917. When the European nations were at war back in 1916, both foreign and local Brethren in the Philippines were affected, hence the meeting for a creation of the new Lodge No. 8 that we know today. Cosmos was the name given because it meant, “a world opposed to war and chaos.”

Freemasonry is not a religion. The Cosmos Lodge No. 8 is comprised of men practicing Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, among others. The simple requirement, rather, is for them to believe in the Higher Being of their respective faith as well as the immortality of the soul. “[It’s] men trying to be good through the study of morality,” according to Worshipful Master Richard Nethercott in his inaugural address at the 99th Public Installation of Officers last Jan. 20.

So, to commemorate the 100th Charter Day Anniversary of the beloved Lodge, the Brethren of Cosmos Lodge No. 8 have celebrations in order. They will be holding a blacktie dinner on Feb. 13, where the Past Masters of the Lodge will be honored and recognized. Special honors of the night will be given to three of the Past Grand Masters of Masons, all esteemed members of the Philippine jurisdiction, and will be bestowed with the Hiram award — the highest individual honor given to a Master Mason.

To mark the milestone, the Cosmos Lodge No. 8 Centennial Commemorative stamp will also be unveiled, with the ceremony to be led by current Postmaster General and CEO of PHLPost Joel L. Otarra.

The centennial celebration only marks the beginning of the year. As in the past, the Lodge will continue to “make good men better” by conducting charitable activities and outreach programs throughout the calendar year. There will be monthly activities designed, not only to strengthen the camaraderie of the brethren, but more importantly to make each brother healthy physically, mentally, spritually, and emotionally. Worshipful Master Nethercott recognizes that, “a holistic improvement [is achieved] through the practice and observance of the tenets of morality, which are the core principles of masonry.”

Tradition runs deep as the Lodge traces back their history and establishment as intertwined with the history of the Philippines, as many of our national heroes were freemasons. With a legacy to live up to, the brethren of Cosmos Lodge are expected to live, think, and act as the pioneering masons did.


On October 21, 1916, a group of 21 Master Masons, hailing from 5 different Lodges, owing allegiance to 3 different grand allegiance jurisdictions decided to form a new Lodge that will embody a specific purpose - to be a vigorous exponent of order and harmony.

It was the time of the great war, known later as the first World War. It was an awesome conflict of many nations and the world was in chaos. The new Lodge was to reflect the hope of humanity at that time of the great conflagration - order out of disorder.

The 21 Master Masons petitioned the fledging Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines for a dispensation to organize such a Lodge. In time it was given due course, and on November 20, 1916, MW William Harvey Taylor granted the dispensation. The first officers were:

Worshipful Master

WB Manuel Camus

Senior Warden

Bro. Arthur Julius Nicholas Gamber- Gumbert

Junior Warden

Bro. Segundo Ferriols

The new Lodge was to be called "COSMOS LODGE". And the name was specifically chosen to give meaning and impetus to her objectives. According to WB Fred M. Holmes, "KOSMOS" is a Greek word meaning ORDER. It denotes a world of universe that is perfect in order, in harmony and in arrangement. COSMOS is opposed to chaos. It is an orderly world of system, a world opposed to war and the disorder it brings. It speaks of a world of forbearance, charity, truthfulness and kindness - all of which, since its formation, have been the object and aim of COSMOS LODGE.





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