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2017, December 1.  2018 Year of the Dog (Chinese New Year)

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Se-tenant Pairs,  Miniature Sheets of 16;  Souvenir Sheets of One




Se-tenant Pairs  (50,500)

12p  Brown Dog, Close-up

45p  Brown Dog, Full-body


Miniature Sheets of 16 (8 Se-tenant Pairs)  (6,312.50)


200p Souvenir Sheets of One   (6,000)


First Day Covers:  Manila






2018 YEAR OF THE DOG  (Chinese New Year)



The Chinese New Year 2018 will start on February 16, 2018 – the second New Moon after the Solstice.

2018 is the year of the of the Brown Earth Dog and those born under this sign tend to show great determination and could attain the highest level of achievement if they decide too. The Dog have excellent manners, easily makes and keeps friends, works very hard, and appreciates luxury and the goodies in life. They are very romantic, loving, sexy and make loyal partners.

The Chinese zodiac 2018 shows that after the vast challenges of the past two years the following year of the Brown Earth Dog 2018 can be expected to be much less dramatic for all animal symbols.

If you’re enjoying 2018, then you’re going to love the 2018 chinese zodiac predictions. That’s right: It’s time to ring in the Chinese New Year … February 16 kicks off the Year of the Dog!

The sign of the dog is known, not surprisingly, for loyalty and generosity. Need to spill a secret? Seek out one of these honest souls and bend that expert listening ear. While Dogs themselves may be reluctant to place their trust in just anyone, once they do, members of this sign can make the best business partners and leaders. And while Dogs might enjoy life more by relaxing their exacting standards from time to time, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better or more faithful friend.

So what can we expect from the upcoming year? The Dog is an ethical and idealistic sign, and the year that bears its name will also bring increased social awareness and interest in society’s less powerful members. Any tendencies to take, take, take will be replaced by a widespread sentiment of generosity and selflessness. In general, we will all be imbued with the Dog’s keen sense of right and wrong. You can also get a feel for the year to come by checking the compatibility between your Chinese sign and the sign of the dog — the better your compatibility, the better your year.





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