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Dr. Ngo Tiong Tak

Philatelic Specialist - Republic of the Philippines


Best known as the author/publisher of the only specialized stamp catalogs of the Republic of the Philippines, Tak has been collecting since 1962.  He started collecting stamps of different countries but his love has always been the Philippines.  This love plus his knowledge of philately, led him to do what he does best, study, research and record his findings.  To this we are all indebted, for without him, we will miss out with what is exciting and valuable about Republic issues. 


  • Current Member, Philippine Stamp Committee  (2017 - )

  • Vice Chairman, Philippines Stamp Committee (SC), with Postmaster General Hector R. Villanueva as Chairman (April 2005 – December 2011).

  • Chairman, Philippines Stamp Advisory Committee (SAC) (1996 – 1999; October 2003 – March 2005).

  • Member, Philippines Stamp Advisory Committee (SAC) (1993 – 1995)

Tak donated to the Philippine Postal Museum and Philatelic Library majority of its Philippine Philatelic material when it opened in 1992.  He also donated volumes of stamp magazines from the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Taiwan & China;  several stamp catalogues such as Scott Stamp Catalogues (USA) and Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogues (England);  philatelic auction  catalogues, stamp dealers price lists; new issue bulletins of many foreign philatelic bureaus.  This donation from Tak formed the bulk of the philatelic materials of the Philippine Postal Museum and Philatelic Library.

Former Member and/or officer of various local philatelic societies, including the Philippine Chinese Philatelic Society, the Cebu Philatelic Society and International Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS); maintain active membership with IPPS.

Former Member, American Philatelic Society (APS) from 1982 to 2000.

Subscribes to various international philatelic publications for over 30 years, including Linn’s Stamp News, Scott’s Monthly Journal, Canadian Stamp News, Australian Stamp News, China Philately; now receiving e-versions of the weekly Linn's Stamp News.

Receives complimentary copies of Stanley Gibbons “Stamp Monthly” being their Philippine correspondent / adviser, for over 30 years.

Receives monthly complimentary copies of Michel Rundschau of Germany, being their Philippine correspondent / adviser, for almost 20 years.

Official Philippine correspondent /adviser of Scott's Stamp Catalogues of USA since June 2016.

Official Philippine correspondent for Stanley Gibbons of England and Michel Rundschau of Germany, both known publishers of world stamp catalogs.


Author & Publisher: Ngo’s Catalogue of Philippine Republic Stamps & Postal Stationeries 2014 Volume 1 and Volume 2 (Large Silver Awardee, World Stamp Exhibition, New York 2016).

Author & Publisher:  Specialized Catalogue of Philippine Postage Stamps 1973-1989 (Vermeil Awardee, Cardinal Spellman Philatelic Museum, Inc. 17th Annual Philatelic Literature Fair, New York 1993). 

Author: 1997 Catalogue of Philippine Postage Stamps and Postal Stationeries, along with 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002 supplements.

Author:  Dark Room Philately – A Modern Day Study of Philippine Stamps, lead article in the 1979 Philippine Philatelic News, official publication of the International Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS).  Reprinted in the American Philatelists August 1981 issue, official publication of the American Philatelic Society.

Authored several New Issue Updates for the IPPS.  He has also written several articles on Philippine stamps including the following: 

  • Facts About Some Recent Philippine Souvenir Sheets - November 1994, Journal of Philippine Philatelic Society (PPS), England. 

  • The 1991-1993 Philippine Flowers Definitive Series”  June 1995, Journal of PPS of England;  same article reprinted in the Oct-Dec 1996 and Jan-Mar 1997 issue of Stamp Chronicle of the Cebu Philatelic Society (CPS). 

  • First Major Error by Amstar Discovered – June 1996 Journal of PPS, England. 

  • The 1995 and 1996 Philippine Flag with National Symbols Definitives -  July 1996, Journal of PPS, England;  same article reprinted in the Apr-Jun 1996 issue of the CPS Stamp Chronicle. 

  • The Philippine Flag With National Symbols Definitives - December 2001, The Chinese Philatelist, official journal of the Philippine-Chinese Philatelic Society 

  • The 2003-2004 Native Orchids Definitives -  Philippine Philatelic Journal Fourth Quarter 2007 issue, official publication of the IPPS.

Author of numerous articles since early 1980s published in the journals of many stamp societies, including IPPS, Philippine Philatelic Society (PPS) of England, Cebu Philatelic Society (CPS), Philippine Chinese Philatelic Society (PCPS) and on the website

Discovered the 3.60p Doña Aurora Quezon forgery (fake stamp) on June 5, 1986 at the Manila Central Post Office and reported this to the Chief of the Philatelic Division (reported in the June 25, 1986 edition of the Philippine Tribune)

Discovered other fakes (1.00p Aquino, 4.00p YMCA, 5.50p PAL & 5.50p Constitution) at the Makati Central Post Office and alerted postal authorities about this.

Introduced the perforated souvenir sheets printed locally by suggesting to the printer how it can be done, suggesting different styles and formats for souvenir sheets and many other stamp issues.

Suggested, conceptualized, provided designs and/or coordinated in over 100 of the most popular definitive and topical issues released since 1992, including the National Symbols, Butterflies and Birds Definitive Series, Heroes definitives and booklets, Philippine Centennial postal cards, Lunar New Year Series, the FILIPINAS 2004 souvenir sheets, the 150th anniversary of First Philippine Postage Stamps limited-edition collectors’ souvenir sheet, Shells and Land Snails, Bonsai, Conquest of Mt. Everest, 2007 Juan Luna stamps and souvenir sheets, 2008 Valentine's souvenir sheet, UP Centennial issues, including sheetlets and souvenir sheets  with hot-foil stamping.

Edited the Philpost official album pages, complete from 1946 to present.

 Wrote or edited numerous philatelic bulletins for Philippine new issues over the years.

Helps Mrs. Linda Stanfield, founder of IPPS, maintain her website for Philippine Republic stamps,, by supplying all the technical details and scans for all Republic stamps & postal stationeries, including the latest new issues.

Served as Philatelic judge in several stamp designing contests and stamp exhibitions.

Attended many international philatelic exhibitions such as Hong Kong ’94; Taipei ’96; Pacific  ’97 in San Francisco, USA; Hong Kong 2001; Bangkok 2007, Taipei 2008, Hong Kong 2009, Bangkok 2013, Hong Kong 2015, New York 2016 and Thailand 2016; and often assisted Philpost personnel in the sales and  promotion at these exhibitions.

Awards and Recognitions - International  & National

  • Large Silver -  Ngo’s Catalogue of Philippine Republic Stamps & Postal Stationeries 2014, Volume 2.  

  • Vermeil Award -  17th Annual Philatelic Literature Fair, Cardinal Spellman Philatelic Musuem, Inc. (USA), March 1993 for "Specialized Catalogue of Philippine Postage Stamps 1973 - 1989".

  • National Shows/Exhibitions

  • Three major awards at IPPS Philpex ’85, held Nov. 24 – 27, 1985 with “Philippines 1982 Issues”:  Gold medal with Felicitations, Best Philippine Exhibit, American Philatelic Society Best Researched Award.

  • First Place, General Foreign Class, “Commemorative Stamps of China 1894-1973”;  23rd APOPEX, 1973.

  • First Prize, Class III, Foreign “Austrian Stamps 1948-1974”;  Class, 24th APOPEX, 1974.

  • Guest Exhibitor - PILIPINAS ’96, the Philippine Centennial Invitational International Philatelic Exhibition, showing the prize-winning exhibit “Philippines 1982 Issues”.










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