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2023, August 4.  2022 Year of the Water Tiger Special Souvenir Sheets

Litho Offset, Amstar Printing Company, Inc.,  Perf 14

Souvenir Sheet of One



100p - Year of the Water Tiger - Souvenir Sheet of One  (4,000)



First Day Covers:  Manila






2022 Year of the Water Tiger Chinese New Year (2023 Special Souvenir Sheet)

2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger. Those born this year are said to have great interpersonal relationships, and be very family oriented.  They are smart, humorous, and good at socializing. They usually have good luck in making money and have a strong ability to adapt to new things.

 According to Chinese astrology, the Tiger is considered as the king of all animals. The Year of the Tiger 2022 was meant to symbolize determinism, vitality, strength, spontaneity and novelty, with the water element making it wiser and thoughtful. Often associated with the defeat of evil, a Water Tiger year occurs only every 60 years. The 2022 version was indeed a year of resilience, even in the time of conflict and the struggles that we have faced both in personal and professional realms. It was a good time to reflect in order to overcome all challenges and difficulties. (

People with Chinese zodiac Tiger born in 2022 are full of self-confidence. They like a challenging and exciting life, and they can go all out to face difficulties and will not be easily affected by the external environment. In addition, they have a calm mind and delicate thoughts. Water tiger has strong learning ability and they are full of innovative spirit. They have accurate judgment, and clear insight, which can always help them seize the opportunity.  However, the Water Tiger have a strong self-esteem, and they are unwilling to accept other people's opinions. Their behavior may leave others an impression of arrogance and snobbery. Sometimes they are indecisive and may lose many opportunities. They like to act alone and are not good at communicating with others.  (



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